Me, Site History
I'm Sandra, I'm 18 and live in the Philippines, and I've been creating digital art since circa 2000-2001. I began making X-Files art, and made one big site called Fire And Ice to archive all my stuff. The very large site was a bit too much effort and pressure for me, and I began feeling a little constricted by the "X-Files site" label so I split that big one into a site called Ghosts, which archives the X-Files pieces and this one, which archives... other things.

As you might notice there isn't much in here yet but I hope to expand the site as time goes on (obviously).

All the work on this site was created with Adobe Photoshop 7.0. You can't use them on your site. Sorry! (Not that you'd want to, but on the offchance that you might)

Don't own anything, not making any money. Blah.

This site is hosted by my good friend Shiricki on Gubblebum. Please visit her site, Angelic Trust!